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food as medicine

Food As A Medicine

At Mangetoo we believe that a good diet can be as effective as medicine for treating and preventing chronic health conditions. For something this important, you can't rely on an app. You need a qualified expert with access to the best available evidence to help you get your diet right. Our mission is to make sure that everyone has access to a dietitian. Join our club, and you can see one of our hand picked, passionate dietitians any time that you need them.

dietary support

The Right Dietary Support

We are building the largest network of specialist dietitians to provide the best care at the right time no matter what your specialist need is. We use our own video consultation platform so you can access your personal dietitian whenever and wherever you are! You can even use Mangetoo to measure what you eat, check what is working or report back when it doesn't.

mangetoo classes

Mangetoo Classes

You go to a gym class to get fit, so why not come to a Mangetoo class to improve your diet? At Mangetoo we believe that the best way to support long lasting healthy diets is through peer support and access to good dietary education. Become a member and you can access our group sessions run by the best dietitians in the world any time you want. Watch, join in or come and join us for a live session!

data driven dietetics

Data for Your Diet

Mangetoo is changing the way we capture, share and analyse nutritional data. Our scientists are the best in the world, and they are busy making tools for making more personalised choices for evidence based diets. Mangetoo members can use our bespoke digital platform to set goals, understand how their food choices will affect their health and to plan their diet.

join a community

Join a Community

Sometimes it can be hard to find people who really know what it's like to go through tough times with food. At Mangetoo there is someone for everyone. You can access groups and networks of people that understand and you can learn from others who have gone through something similar. You can even make and share videos to help others learn. Share recipes, ideas and help others learn from your experiences.


Secure & Private

Mangetoo is compliant with GDPR & HIPAA and uses end-to-end encryption ensuring that your data is secure and under your control. Privacy and sharing options let you manage who has access and for how long. You own your data.

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