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remote working

Choose When, Where and How Much to Work

Mangetoo was founded to promote flexible working for dietitians. We use our technology to promote efficient work flows, autonomous booking and billing processes. Our goal is to deliver the gold standard in dietary care to patients with chronic diseases by creating a happy and engaged network of dietitians.

earn more

Earn More For The Work You Do

No fees, no overheads, no extra costs. All you have to do is register and focus on providing high quality care. Simply put, our platform allows you to run a mobile private practice, no matter where you are. We will give you all the training you need to get started and will even support you as you grow.


Join An Active Network of Peers & Learn While You Work

Mangetoo places education at the heart its platform. You can consume, create and share educational content! Join our network to access talks, groups and seminars from world leading experts on dietetics, science and technology. We will even reward you for educating and adding to the evidence base. Working from home never has to be lonely.

data driven

Data Driven Dietitian Care

Mangetoo develops digital tools for both patients and dietitians based on the analysis of proprietary and publicly available information on diet and health. You can use all of these tools to help provide better care for your patients. If you decide to help in the development of these tools you can earn more too!


Innovate, Innovate, Innovate!

Dietetics is moving so fast, and with Mangetoo you can be at the front of that curve. Offer your patients the latest in teledietetics and remote therapy while gaining access to highly innovative dietetics tools and nutritional therapies. Train to run our unique group sessions and get involved with Mangetoo research and development to improve outcomes for your patients.


Governance, Professional Development and Feedback

Mangetoo knows the boring stuff is important too, and we can take care of that for you. All our dietitians receive patient feedback and you can use our platform to audit your clinical case load and ensure the quality of your practice. We are GDPR compliant and we are constantly evolving the platform to meet your professional needs.

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