Introducing the Rubicon Programme
Why is the programme different?
Will Mangetoo tell me anything new?
Undoubtedly yes. People who embark on the Rubicon programme have been on numerous diets and plans often over many years. Because of this, many people begin the programme certain that there is nothing new that they could be told. All participants complete the programme amazed at how much they have learned and significantly empowered with their new knowledge about weight loss, appetite, metabolism and behaviour change.
What will I be eating?  The Rubicon programme involves eating real, normal, natural food. There are no supplements or meal replacements. There is no counting, weighing or measuring of food. You can continue to shop at your usual supermarket and other shops and it will be easy for you to continue to enjoy eating out in restaurants. The food you will be eating will be so good and so delicious that if you throw a dinner party and you serve Mangetoo food, your guests will have no idea that you are on any sort of plan and will compliment you on how well you eat. What happens at the end of the fifteen week programme?   Mangetoo is not about quick fixes or short-term solutions. After your complete the Rubicon programme, you will remain a valued member of our Mangetoo community. Your Mangetoo membership will give you ongoing access to all the benefits of Mangetoo, including your personal results tracker, learning and self-development resources such as our expert delivered webinars and valuable support from both our Mangetoo expert team as well as other Mangetoo community members.
Who can participate in the Rubicon programme?
There is no typical Mangetoo member. In our extensive experience of supporting people with weight loss, our strength comes from the diversity of our community. This is a programme for open- minded, motivated, curious people who want to learn about the latest cutting-edge science of weight-loss and how they can use this expertise to lose weight and re-claim their wellbeing. The very fact that you are already engaging with us and are finding out more suggests that you could very well be a perfect fit for Mangetoo.
I have a medical condition, is Rubicon suitable for me?
A key advantage of engaging with Mangetoo is that we apply a bespoke approach to every enquiry and application that we receive. We therefore pride ourselves in looking at you as an individual and can then give you tailored advice as to whether Rubicon is right for you.
What outcomes can I expect? While results may vary from person to person, typically people who follow the programme experience significant amounts of weight loss and improved sleep, energy levels, mood, confidence,and general wellbeing. Some people have also experienced diabetes remission, resumption of regular menstrual periods if previously absent or irregular, resolved symptoms of acid reflux, reduced blood pressure, and cessation of abdominal symptoms such as bloating and abdominal pain.
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How does the Rubicon programme work?  As one of our pioneering trailblazers, you will be guided by an expert member of our team in a group of up to 20 individuals to achieve your weight loss and health goals together. Over 15 weeks, you will attend a weekly hour-long session which covers a considerable breadth of knowledge and information relating to weight, appetite, metabolism, behaviour change and well-being. The sessions have been carefully choreographed so that each session whilst unique in its content is complimentary to and builds on the previous sessions. In between sessions, you will be asked to put into practice what you have learned.
Anyone can set up a weight management programme. Every year new books, apps, on-line plans and clinics offer help to people who want to lose weight. What makes the Rubicon programme unique is its strong scientific evidence base. Almost unique for a weight management plan, Rubicon has been subjected to a rigorously conducted clinical research study. In addition, unlike many other weight loss programmes, Rubicon has undergone stringent ethical and regulatory approvals and continual, rigorous peer review.
How much does the programme cost? The Rubicon programme is £12.99 per session for 15 sessions (£194.85 in total). Upon committing to the programme, the full amount will be paid up front; however, if the programme is not for you, you can cancel anytime within the first week and we’ll give you a full refund.
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