Our multidisciplinary digital dietetics team

james profile

James Kinross, MD, PhD

James Kinross is a Senior Lecturer in Colorectal Surgery and a Consultant Surgeon at Imperial College London. He performed his PhD on the gut microbiome and he was funded by the NIHR and the Academy of Medical Sciences as an early stage lecturer. He is a visiting Professor at the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland. He has a specialist interest in surgical nutrition and his research group is defining how diet-gut microbiome interactions cause chronic disease

Fav diet fact: The average apple contains about 2g of fibre. We need more than 30g a day to keep the gut healthy, and that is a lot of apples!

kaps profile

Kapil Sahnan, MD, PhD

Kapil is surgeon and a post-doctoral scientist at Imperial College London. He qualified from Imperial College London with a BSc and a MBBS in 2011. He has a specialist interest in education and has been a 'Surgical tutor' for Oxford University, a ‘Regional Educational Supervisor’ at Cambridge University, and a ‘Clinical Tutor’ at St Mark’s Hospital, London. He recently completed his PhD at St Mark's Hospital, in patient and public involvement in research, the analysis of healthcare databases and healthcare technology.

Fav diet fact: A large glass of white wine (250ml) has approximately the same number of calories as one doughnut (190 calories).

lina profile

Lina Johansson, RD, PhD

Lina is a registered dietitian and post-doctoral research fellow at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and co-runs a MRes in Human Nutrition at Imperial College London. She completed her PhD in 2012. Her specialist area is kidney disease and she is passionate about improving health and well being whilst making the diet easy to understand and most importantly easy to follow.

Fav diet fact: Trying to cut down your salt but your food tastes bland?? Your taste buds need 2-3 weeks to become less sensitive to salt!

stef profile

Stef Roussos

Stef is a designer and software engineer specialising in the development of digital healthcare products. He studied Healthcare & Design (MRes) at Imperial College London / Royal College of Art and Product Design (BA Hons) at Central Saint Martins, UAL. He previously worked on Springwood (now integrated with Mangetoo), an application enabling patients to digitise, consolidate, manage and engage with their medical records.

Fav diet fact: The Vikings innovated cod liver oil extraction techniques and used it as a dietary supplement which prevented the proliferation of rickets in their offspring.